Friday, May 3, 2013

Abandoned Church

This Church  is a short walk from our home. In 30 years it was open only a few Sundays.

                                                                   Through shattered panes of broken purposes
                                             Divine hope crumbling in the soil.


  1. What a pretty little chapel. It looks a lot like the Episcopal church here in town. If only someone would buy it and restore it. It would be so beautiful. What a shame it's being allowed to decompose like it is.

    Here's hoping someone will come along and grab it up...I'm surprised a contractor hasn't yet....

  2. Whenyou were telling me about this church... I knew exactly the one you meant. It's so charming. I agree with Myra. Too bad someone doesn't renovate this charming church. Even if it's never used as a church once again, it could always be renovated to be lived in as someone's private residence. ~Dawn

  3. How sad. I agree it should be restored. It is so charming as Dawn says. Dawn, I think you meant Carol. I am just getting on here. Dawn, how are you doing? Heard you have a granddaughter....congrats.

    It is so sad how the older building are left to rot. I just love the old buildings, and to restore them would be like recycling. Too many people just like to throw things away.