Monday, April 29, 2013

MM 41 Weeks

Gabe put the crate in the backseat of the truck. There was room for Max to in or out of his little condo. He spent most of the trip in the crate with all his toys and his blankets.

We did quite a few stops. Stretched our legs and Max got to investigate and made sure other dogs knew he had been there.

Stopped in Ashland, Virginia and Max did not like the room. It was the "pet" room and I bet that the rug hadn't seen a vacuum in awhile. The smell from the other animals kept him up most of the night.

Wondered if he would remember this house and he did. He ran all over and had fun running around the yard and got the play with Luna!  She's fast and he did his best to keep up with her. It was so cute, Jake's mom said Luna was waiting by the window each day waiting for Max to come home. It's great that he will have someone to play with. All he had in Florida was Gregory and that was only when Gregory was home.

Think he has enough sticks?

The photo below is when we were packing the truck. He made sure he was in the way so we wouldn't forget him.


  1. It is so wonderful that Max remembered your LI home. He looks like he is hugging the ground and is reintroducing himself to the area. Luna must be so happy. Love the picture of him on the step. He was making sure you packed him in there also. Looking forward to seeing Max on the beach. He will be loving every moment.

  2. Oh I'm so glad he remembered the house........and his buddy Luna. How sweet that she sat and waited for him every day. That must have been quite a sight seeing her watching and waiting at the window. Sounds like she's gonna be giving him some good running exercise. I bet Jake is happy to have Max back too-no more little puppy like when you left!

    And look at how much help he's gonna be picking up ALL THOSE STICKS! He probably doesn't know which one to gnaw on first. Now if you can only teach him to drop them in a pile-wouldn't that be nice?

    I LOVE that look in the second photo.......NO WAY would you be forgetting him! :)

  3. Awwww Look at that sweet pup! He is way to Cute. And he knows it !
    Glad ya made it home safely. It is a long drive. But eh scenery is pretty. We always used to stop at the rest stops for picnics and exercise.

    Meadow hates the dog friendly hotels too. Always get a room on the bottom level. Quick in and outs ~ I think it's because of all of the doggie smells. None that we can smell, but they sure can.

    Welcome Home