Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trenton Quilt Show March 16th 2013

I enjoy going to quilt show and I'm in awe of the time and effort that goes into each quilt.


  1. How beautiful the first quilt is. It must have been such a great feeling for that woman to be able to finish it. What a memory maker that is to see pieces of the fabric she remembers her mom wearing. LOVE LOVE the other 2.....you must have been thinking of me when you saw them. How pretty.

  2. I agree with Myra-that first quilt is just stunning-and I love the story behind it. My grandmother used to hand piece quilts and she would always be thrilled when I gave her a big bag of leftover fabric I had from my sewing projects.

    LOVE the others too-they make me think of summer.

    As I said before, I so envy the people that this talent......I keep threatening to start quilting. If I do, I can only hope mine look a sliver as good as these.