Monday, March 18, 2013

MM 35 Weeks

Saturday was the Trenton Quilt Show. I was going to go by myself then Gabe said he would drive me . Max............
                                       Quilt Show! WHY do I have to go?

My guys waiting  for me.

Max was wearing the "green" yesterday! Took awhile to get the photo but I did get a smile!


  1. Oh Boy, Max surely did not want to go to the Quilt Show !!! If he could talk, I don't think he could have "said" it any better. Bet the 2 guys had fun while you were checking out the beautiful quilts. Max seems much happier wearing the green, of course this is the day after the quilt show....Such great photos..Max is sure a beautiful dog.

  2. Hahahahah-Max's face at the thought of going to a quilt show is identical to what Bob's would have been! I envy the talent of quilters-I'm sure you saw some gorgeous ones-the ones in the second photo are just beautiful.

    What a good boy Max was wearing that green headband. I could never get our dogs to do that......once we got them on-antlers at Christmas-they'd put their heads down and wouldn't look up then paw at the things until they fell off. The minute they came out of the box every year we got the "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO not again" look.

    I agree with Myra-Max is a beauty.......

  3. OH my gosh, poor MAX , he looks so bored at the quilts show.

    Love the green headband on him yesterday, I am sure it did take a while to get the picture. I bet he didn't think it was so cute,lol.

  4. Oh my Gosh Linda,

    What a handsome Ham he is ! No need to tell him. He knows he is The Best !

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Beautiful Quilts. I am the proud owner of one of my Grandmothers Wedding Ring Quilt. I have never seen such Perfection. All done by hand.