Monday, February 11, 2013

MM 30 Weeks

Mr. Max is 7 months old today! Where does the time go? From not quite 11 pounds to over 60 pounds, he certainly has grown.

Someone told me you always get the dog you need. Gabe has his little buddy, Max is spoiled rotten and he's such a little goof ball that everyday is a new experience.



  1. I am so in love !!!!!!! Max is so handsome, and I just love the picture of him standing with his head up and looking as if he is holding court. He was surely sent to you as a gift, and he is spoiled rotten, but you are spoiled too by his love.

  2. Wow, that time sure has gone by fast. Linda-it seems like you were just sharing the photos of Max when he was a little peanut!

    He's a handsome puppy that's for sure and I know he's brought a lot of love and laughs to you and Gabe. He's the perfect fit to your family. and one lucky dog to have the loving parents he does.

    It's been so much fun watching him grow up!


  3. Linda, I love this photo of you and Max. I just love his face in the top photo. He always looks like he has a smile on his face! What a sweetie he is... adorable! ~Aurora