Monday, December 10, 2012

MM 21 Weeks

Ok, I sort of jumped the gun and added a picture of Max last week and it wasn't even Max Monday! With the powered sugar on his face I just could not resist. We have had two black labs and I never dropped anything on them and go figure, my little yellow gets the mess. He didn't think it was a mess, I can tell he definitely has a sweet tooth.

We weighed him yesterday and he's 44 pounds. He's gotten taller and looks thin but when I try to pick up, it a solid 44 pounds.

Gregory is coming home tomorrow and they get to meet. Max is going to be so excited, a new play pal!

                  Checking out that ear! He missed it when giving out kisses.

                                Just making sure Santa doesn't forget my house!

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  1. You could post a picture of Max on here everyday, and I would never tire of him. He is just a beauty. Love the pic of Gabe getting his ear kisses. Chase does this, and it is so funny. He is really growing fast, and before long, you won't be able to pick him up. Can't wait til Gregory meets him, it should be love at first lick.