Monday, November 5, 2012

MM 16 Weeks

 This week he helped me "weed". I would pull them out and he would dig where the weeds were and all the dirt would come flying at me! Not a happy camper about that.

Divingabe in the caves so he couldn't help and I just didn't have the heart to put him in the crate so he helped me.

Our second Lab-Rip loved junk. When he was Max's age I gave him my empty yogurt containers which he would lick clean, same went for the peanut butter, ice cream, you get the idea. He ate his regular dog food but loved his goodies.

Max could be a little piggy also so NO junk food!

I took about 20 shots of him with the carrot and this one just cracked me up. I can hear him thinking- she has a bowl of tootsie rolls up there and all I get is this crummy carrot!
Max is our third Labrador. Rex would love to retrieve sticks we threw in the water and Rip would retrieve any food dropped in the kitchen. Max loves to play with whatever and will bring it back but he also loves to retrieve anything outside and brings it back with him when he comes in the house.

Home it was maple leaves and here we have pine cones, lots and lots of pine cones. This is what happens to them once in the house.
I love the picture below. Max and Gabe have totally bonded. Max is Divingabe's new best Bub. I say "pop" and those little ears are at attention and he's off to look for pop.



  1. Hi Linda! All of our dogs LOVED carrots.....they'd sit "vigil" when I was peeling them so they could get a slice.....or 2.........or 3.

    Uh Oh-I remember the pine cone days........ugh.....although I'd take the pine cones over the chewing on and swallowing rocks one of our Tasha did when she was a puppy. That almost got her in a WHOLE lotta trouble.

    That last photo is PRICELESS.......I love it. Gabe and Max having a heart-to-heart. Boy they sure know names-all I'd have to say is "Daddy's home" and all of our dogs would go running and sit waiting for the garage door to open.

    We miss those days a lot.

  2. The best part about my Monday's are seeing the Mighty Max pictures...Since we are too far away to play, I get my fix here, and he is so adorable. The carrot picture is so cute. The photo of Gabe and Max is Priceless....they really do look like they are having a good conversation. Even with all the messes and "trouble" he gets into, he is well worth all of it.

  3. The Mighty Max photos are sooo adorable. Yes, it sure does seem that dogs enough carrots. It's probably because of their sweetness. Speaking of sweet... the look between Max and his Pop is precious. He sounds like quite a little rascal! ~Aurora