Monday, October 22, 2012

MM 14 Weeks

Lots of new things accomplished. Sleeping in his crate at night. Stairs are no longer an issue, can go up and now down.

Watching a Korean Drama ;-)


  1. I am in love with Max !! He is so cute. It makes me feel good when I look at him, just want to hug him.

    You got him hooked on the Korean Dramas huh? Bet he found a favorite to watch.

    Was watching to see if you were posting today. Needed to get my MM fix.

  2. Little Max has the sweetest face... he's so adorable. I especially love the photo of him with his head on the pillow. ~Aurora

  3. HAHAHAHA-look at him staring at that computer........TOO cute. How does he like the beach?

    Bob and I look forward to Mighty Max Mondays. :)