Monday, October 1, 2012

MM... 11 weeks old

It's three weeks now that he's been with us and now Max can go up the back stairs now without a boost and car therapy is coming along. Loves to play with any ball and he's the first Lab we have owned that actually brings it back to me!

When we picked him up from the breeders he would not go on his back for anything! Absolutely hated it. That was something I personally wanted to change. It's a matter of trust between the two of us and think we are ok now.
My friend Jane gave him a ghost. It had something in it that when he picked it up gave a spooky sound. He was a little taken back at first with the sound and now the sound is gone. Little sharp teeth took care of that!
Think he has enough toys? The ones that he has were Rip's. Rip never played with them but we kept them and Max is enjoying each one.


  1. He is just so that he gets on his back for you, the belly rubs will be needed. Love the expression on his face, and he is so alert. He has found his real home and he will be a contented puppy. So glad that he plays with the toys that were Rip's. It makes me feel so good inside. Can't wait for the next MM Monday.

  2. What a cutie! He sure looks happy in his new home Linda!!!


  3. This little fella is so adorable! I can't wait to meet little Max. ~Aurora

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Linda-I keep losing track of what day it is and always forget to check on Mr. Max and how he's doing. I know Bob is gonna ask this weekend-he likes to stay updated too.

    LOVE that ghost! Uh........does he have enough toys? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Our dogs had a milk crate FULL and many was the time between the 2 of them they had just about ALL of them out.

    Look at those puppy of these days he'll grow into them.

    Puppy hugs for the baby!


  5. Linda, What can I say ! He is Priceless !! Just look at that face and those eye's. Makes ya Melt!

    He sure is a Treasure.

    Enjoy, Hug and kiss Often. Puppies cannot get enough.

    oxoxo Max.