Saturday, September 29, 2012


Divingabe use to stop at Betty's on his way home from work to pick up fresh corn, tomatoes and melons. We don't go into town that often now and whenever I do I always check out Betty's.

I've known Betty my whole life. She worked with my grandmother at Southampton Hospital on the second floor. I also worked with her and I can honestly say, if I was sick I would want a nurse like Betty taking care of me.

One of her son's was Gregory's teacher and also got Gregory involved in the Robotics Team.

The "vases" to hold the flowers are "recycled" from the hospital. Water pitchers that would of been thrown out,now hold bouquet of flowers.

The stand is on the "Honor" system and once in awhile we will chat and she tells me of certain people who aren't that honest.
I told her about the NPR article and she just smiled.


  1. Aunt Betty is such a very sweet and caring woman. I love her upbeat personality and it's so nice to see her smiling face on your blog. :) ~ Dawn

  2. Betty sounds like a wonderful person, and I would have loved her for a nurse. Wondering how many people "honor" her Honor system. Sure hope she has more who do, than those who don't.