Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tips to Simply Life - 2

If you are taking your camera on vacation (or anywhere else for that matter) take a photo of an index card or sheet of paper with your first name and google voice phone number or an e-mail. If you lose your camera a good Samaritan may contact you to send it back.

Never use your full name or your home/cell number. A creeper could find the camera after you lose it, see your hot swimsuit pics and stalk you.

 If you list your e-mail, make a throwaway email so they can't trace it back to your facebook, linked in, twitter, or even craigslist posts that have your email and number on it. Most email providers let you forward it straight to your inbox. Gmail does at least.

Try to make this the very first photo on the SD card. I would also recommend saving the same photo on your camera's internal memory as well (if applicable) in case the memory card gets separated from the camera.

 Implying a reward if found and returned may help you get your camera back. Remember, if someone is nice enough to track you down and send it back, you need to be nice enough to follow through with your promised reward. I wouldn't recommend giving out your mailing address. It could send a stalker to your house. Instead have it mailed to a PO box, your work, or maybe a friend or relative who can handle themselves.

Shutting off your brain and going to sleep

this is what I Do-
NO caffeine- none. The only thing I sneak once in awhile is chocolate but I have it only in the morning.
Exercise- I walk on TM 30 min and also do elliptical for 30.
Fan- We don't have central air in NY. I love having all the windows open. As you can see from the blog we live in the woods. I love hearing the crickets and the fan on low is just the right touch.
Chamomile tea- Love the stuff or Celestial seasonings sleepy time.
Last one is weird but it works for me- wool socks. I wear them almost 360 days and love them.
Everything I mentioned might help and sure can't do any harm!
Other hints from the web are below:

. Read a book in bed with a Red LED Headlamp
Only a book though, not facebook, etc. Any paper-based book, a kindle or e-reader without a backlight will work, but never use a phone or computer, these shine bright bluish-white LED light in your face, no matter what colour is on the screen. Blue Light is stimulating to the brain, and will keep you awake; avoid at all costs! This won't work with a computer screen, a white (aka blue) LED head-lamp, or even an incandescent bulb (too much of the blue spectrum).
 Go for the red, read for a bit, you'll be shocked at how little you can read before the book hits you in the face. When you read with a Red head-lamp, your brain is snuggled down and sedated. It's better than nyquil.

2. Audiobooks = Bedtime Story = Zzzzzzzzzzzzz( My tried and true)
The other trick that works every time at shutting my brain off is to listen to an audiobook or lecture series (like the amazing TTC ones that you can find at your local library, among other places). Music won't do it, it's stimulating, go for a spoken story/lecture.
I keep one of my earbuds in one ear and put my other ear on my pillow and before I get 10 minutes in, I'm in dream-land. Even the most interesting story or lecture series won't be enough to keep me awake, I'll find myself struggling unsuccessfully to stay awake so I can keep listening, but before long, I'm conked right out.

3.Tip from military: Working in the night and sleeping during daylight can be hard if you don't fall asleep. Start breathing as slow as possible. Deep breaths and long exhales. It never takes me more than a minute to fall asleep

Enhancing cell phone signal

Some cell phones actually have an external antenna connector on them. Do a search for an external antenna for your phone, and you may be able to at least use your phone while plugged in to the external

Get two antennas ( one directional like a grid dish or yagi and the other being a small panel or omni antenna for the inside of your house) it will effectively capture your cell phone signal and fire it towards your tower when correctly installed.


There are signal boosters/amplifiers you can buy but they're not strictly legal as you need a license to broadcast over certain frequencies. But it's not as if anybody will care that you're boosting a signal.

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  1. Some good tips here....had to laugh, tho it is not funny, about the hot swimsuit pics. They sure wouldn't find any on my camera !

    My goodness, you wear wool socks in the heat of summer also? Gosh, I kick off my shoes and socks the minute I walk in the house. I only like socks if it is cold.

    Enjoyed your comments..thanks for sharing.