Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Terracotta Warriors

I enjoy anything historical and when I received the email from The Discovery Center that Terracotta Warriors were coming to NYC,  I knew I had to see it.

If you have been to Disney in florida they have a miniature display of the warriors but this was the real deal and I didn't have to go to China to see it.

No flash photography was allowed. It was dark in all the rooms but overall the photos came out pretty good.

6 feet tall, 2,000 years old.   A group of peasants discovered some pottery while digging a well.  They found warriors in three pits, pit one having contained over a 1,000 warriors and war chariots. The figures vary in height according to their roles, the tallest being the generals. The three pits contained 8,000 soldiers ,130 chariots,520 horses and 150 cavalry. Other non-military terracotta figures were also found-acrobats,strongmen and musicians.  Most held real weapons such as spears,crossbows and swords.  The original weapons were looted or most likely just rotted away. Upon completion of the warriors they were placed in the pits in precise military formation according to rank and duty.


  1. WOW, how awesome this must have been to see in person. How amazing that these were over 2000 years old. Thanks so much for sharing these. What a find.

  2. The story behind these warriors is quite amazing. I'm in awe at how many were found in the pits and also how they were intricately placed in the pit according to their roles. I'm glad that you were able to see these exquisite pieces of art in person. Thank you for sharing these photos and their background story. ~Aurora