Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Wave

I walk 2 miles everyday and I prefer the mornings because it's the coolest time of the day. My morning walks led me to meet Bill.
 The only people who wave to me back home are people I know but down here it seems most people wave and I always wave back.
Bill lives not far from us on what he said is "the back 40". His son lives in a trailer in front and they have a garden which he enjoys.He's been waving to me since I started my morning walks. I asked him if her liked cookies and that I would enjoy making some for him before we go back and he said he's not much into sweets. I mentioned banana bread but he doesn't like bread. I said what's your favorite food and he said vegetables!He does go to Dollar General for oatmeal cookies and said I could bake him a few. Told him I was going to put his picture on my blog and he doesn't know anything about a computer but his pastor told him about facebook. I'll have to get that pastors name so I can add a link from here to his facebook page and see that Bill made it to the world wide web.
When I said bye to him today he smiled and said that now he knows I'm from NY maybe he won't wave to me anymore. When I see his truck again, my arm will be up with a big smile on my face.


  1. What a nice blog today. Enjoyed meeting Bill, and seeing his great smile. It is funny how the people from small towns are so friendly, and the ones from the cities keep to themselves. Hope you find a good treat to give him to remember you by.

  2. What a sweet story and Bill sounds like a sweet man. He'll be waving to you again!! Bill will have a bigger smile on his face once he tastes your oatmeal cookies! Give Bill a big wave for me and tell him that another NYer said "hello". ~Aurora