Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morning Greeters

                                                                 Bella--owner Chris & Deb

Little Taylor-owner Ruth
Ruth adopted this little guy because his owner died. She didn't know what the pups name was when she took him to the vet.When asked she told them Taylor,after the man who first owned him
This is D, Cha's mom.
My turn around point is the end of this pasture where
there are around eight horse.

Crazy Horse-this is the one that got out and I had to hide by a truck so he wouldn't run me over.
Wildflowers along my walk


  1. It's so nice to see photos of all your buddies that you encounter on your walk! Of course I'm a little partial to the little daschund, Taylor... he reminds me of my Oliver. So cute! As for Crazy Horse... that was quite an adventure! Holy crow! Your walk that day turned into a run! Very nice photos! ~Aurora

  2. What great photos !! Love seeing all your friends you meet while you walk. Is Taylor a mini dash? He reminds me of Scamp, my furnephew. So cute. You had quite an experience with the horse. Beautiful, so glad you could share them. They will miss you when you leave, especially Cha.