Monday, April 28, 2014

MM 92 weeks

Not much time to get across the street and Max was on the move! 

Temp was in the upper 80's and we always carry water with us and when he got back to the car he was ready for a nice cold drink. 


  1. Look at him rarin' to go. That's a puppy on a mission for sure! Bet he enjoyed that cold water after that adventure. I would too! :)

  2. Look at that Max go. Gabe looks like he is trying to keep up with him. The street you are on looks so nice. Bet Max is going to be sad when you leave there. Will his friend up north be there for the summer? Runa I think her name is. Temps in the 80's sound wonderful......Happy Max Monday to all..

  3. He is a big healthy looking boy. Looks like a fun walk.

    1. Yes he is a little tank.

  4. Come on Daddy . Gotta get a drink. Max makes me thirsty looking at Him.