Monday, December 2, 2013

MM 71 Weeks

One of the Christmas Signs we pass as we walk around the lake.

I knew he would win. Gabe doesn't have a problem with him on the couch. Max knows I don't want him on it and he does get on but with my evil eye, doesn't stay on long!


  1. hmmmm, I wonder how long it is going to take for Max to get used to your "evil eye", and just do what Max wants to do. He looks so cute on the couch tho. Looks like he is saying, I dare you to tell me to get off.

    The lake looks so pretty. Must be a nice place to walk.

  2. Max sure doesn't look impressed with the Christmas sign that's for sure. I don't blame him-it's coming WAY too fast this year.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh but MOM, look how CUTE I am...that's the look you're getting from his perch on the couch. I recognize it SO well. Bob was like Gabe-oh it's OK let them get up...........he wasn't the one vacuuming off the dog hair they deposited all over it though. I'd give them the stink eye and point-one of them listened.......the other one? Pfffffhhhhttttttttttttttttt-she had a mind of her own and gave me back the "DADDY SAID I COULD" hairy eyeball. Sheesh.............. :)

  3. MOM- Dad lets me be up here , why not you? lol.

    I think Max belongs right where he is,lol. Elaine

    1. How can anyone give that adorable face the evil eye? I can understand the loose hair and such. But I couldn't make him get down. I am blessed that Little Lady Lucia doesn't shed. Max is one beautiful big furbaby . I wouldn't have the heart to hurt his precious feelings .. LOL