Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Eats

I love bbq! When we started coming to this area we were told that in Newberry,we had to try 
Backyard BBQ. The ribs were good and I inhaled the green fried tomatoes and baked beans. Something changed, either under new management or the economy hit them hard because the food wasn't something that we looked forward to any longer.
I found Daves. It was very good then again went down hill.
I saw a review of Pearls on tripadvisor. It's located in a beautiful little town outside of Micanopy.
It is the BEST bbq that Divingabe and I have had. The ribs are always tender and the coleslaw is excellent. The coleslaw isn't made with mayo, which I prefer. John Ducks cole slaw doesn't come close to Pearls.

This is a tiny resturant. You order from a counter,there are six tables,three booths and stools which you can sit at the counter. The below is a rib dinner, which you get a choice of 2 sides and garlic bread. Divingabe always gets mac and cheese and fries. The ribs plate is 9.95. We usually go for lunch and we are SO full  that dinner is skipped.


  1. looks like a great BBQ..those beans look so yummy

  2. That meal looks delicious! I'm just curious where that one french fry came from?!!! Interesting! ~Aurora

  3. Never mind!I see that Divingabe gets mac and cheese with french fries. I'm guessing it's from his plate!

  4. Aurora, you know I noticed that lonely french fry also...wondering if he already ate the fries, or if it had jumped on there wanting to get it's picture taken :=) looks a bit pale.

  5. When I lived in Gainesville, I discovered Sonny's. We have them here in GA now, and I have never found BBQ I loved more.

  6. We loved Sonny's when we first got to Florida. Our son lives in High Springs and thats where Sonny who started the restaurant lives.

    When we first ate there it was good, the baby back ribs were to die for! On Valentines Day they has a special- all you can eat (baby backs), we were little piggy's! Boy were they good.

    Sonny is up there in age and wanted his son to take over the restaurant but something happened, can't remember. Not sure if his son was sick or just didn't want the place so he sold it.

    The new people fired all the old employees and changed the inside of the restaurant. Now, if you are like me, people don't like change and he was up a creek without a paddle. Business was awful! Sonny came back to help him out and got all the old employees back working and that good old menu back.

    This is why I love the internet- I always meet NICE people :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by,