Thursday, June 9, 2022

Crescent Turkey Puffs


I cooked up the last of the turkeys I picked up at Thanksgiving. Mey was coming home last Sunday and she loves the wings. It's been so hot that turkey sandwiches  are an easy meal.

The legs and thighs are left. I used thighs for this recipe. I cut up two thighs and put the cooked thighs in the food processor- chopped it fine. Sautéd one onion and about a cup of mushrooms. Added the turkey to the onion/ mushroom mixture.

Added  3 ounces of cream cheese and turkey onion /mixture to the stand up mixture. Mix well until thoroughly combined.

Open 1 crescent roll container. Follow THIS video on how to assemble.  I usually don't add videos for recipes but the dogs on this one are cute.

I weeded all morning and then came in to make this. It's easy. It was very bland. Next time spice it up.


  1. This sounds so easy and so good. Glad that Mey came home. Hope she had a good restful vacation.

    1. She came home cause she was worried about her house. I told you what happened the last time she went away. She has a horrible cough, think he would go out and get her something to help? NO. Off we went to get her meds.

    2. I do remember what happened last time she came home. I am thinking about her. Did she do a Covid test? Hope she feels better soon.

    3. Yes! I went over and pulled out the covid test the government sent the first time- they came in a blue box. We did the test, I went shopping and Richard sent me a text there was NO result on the the strip. Told him to do it again- same thing happened! I went to CVS and got a new covid test- she did it again and it came back neg. Thank God

  2. I had a hard time with the Blue Box test. Monica likes that one the best, but I didn't find it too good for me. The other tests I got were easier for me to use. Glad that you finally got a good test result on Mey. I hope she feels better soon.