Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sweet Roselle

Check out the recipe in the source below. This is originally  called "pickled" roselle.  The recipe was way to sweet for me so I cut down on the sugar

Ingredients :

1 cup fresh roselle (after separate from the central seedpod)
8 teaspoons lemon juice
3/4 cups sugar 


1. Make a cut at bottom of seedpod. Push seed out and keep the red fleshy calyx (try keep whole calyx).

2. Wash the red fleshy calyx till clean. 

3. Bring a pot of water to boil. Add in clean red fleshy calyx and blanch for about 5-6 seconds. Remove and drain. Leave aside to cool.
*Important not to blanch too long as it will lost the crunchiness of the pickled roselle and the color won't be a bright.

4. In a mixing bowl, add in cool calyx together with lemon juice and 3/4 cup sugar. Mix gently to combine.

5. Prepare a clean jar. Add in mixture of calyx. 

6. Close the lid and leave the jar at room temperature for 3 days before refrigerate.

*turn over the jar each day to ensure all the calyx is fully covered with sugar syrup.



  1. Wow, you sure do have the Roselle recipes. Going to have to look up Roselle. I never heard of it before you posted recipes on it years ago. Another good one for your program.

    1. wasn't to sure about this one but it was good!

  2. It was all So Good, Linda! All of your roselle goodies & of course your presentation were wonderful! Thank you for the amazing time & effort you put into all of it, Dear Friend!!!<3 <3

  3. You were a life saver at the program!

  4. <3 I will ALWAYS help whenever possible!!! <3