Thursday, December 7, 2017

Nanny State

I had a friend who lived in little Italy in the city. She said her 76 year old neighbor*,  can give a commentary on every house on the street and every vehicle that's never been there before and ones that were parked in front of the home once, 4 months ago. Nothing gets past her.

* she use to make some excellent  Italian cookies!


  1. This story makes me laugh. I can say I know some of these neighbors. There is one of mine who knows every little thing everyone on the street does.

  2. Hahaha YUP! I know...I'm Italian. The only difference is we didn't have neighbors close by......but Nana didn't miss much going on! And neither did my Mom....

    Uh oh-am I next????? :)

    Gotta love those Italian cookies too-they're good stuff!!!