Wednesday, August 16, 2017

uplifting things happening in the world that current negative events have caused us to miss?

I don't know about you but I can't stand all the negativity.

Need to share some 

from google images 

1.    Malaria is going away. We've got a long way to go but we're moving in the right direction. See the recent Gates Notes article. Malaria is truly awful. Imagine the worst flu in your life but 10x worse and 5x longer. (All bones in your body feel like they've been lit on fire, shivering, projectile vomiting every 10-30 minutes for days on end, lack of appetite and feeling like you can't walk 3 steps or else you'll lose balance due to weakness)

2.  There is a small town in the North East of England, where people who have been dubbed the "yarn bombers", knit themed decorations and tie them to the town pier.
Themes have included The Olympics, The World Cup, the Queens Jubilee, Celebrating Yorkshire and Alice in Wonderland
The group though are anonymous. They knit behind closed doors and tie their decorations to the pier at night so no one knows who they are.  Yarn-Bombed

3.  Manatees are no longer endangered!!

4.  There is an Eclipse next week and if you have the chance to see it (in a good viewing area of the U.S) you should most definitely take the opportunity to view it.

5.  Volunteers in a community in the United States banded together and completely rebuilt a home that was destroyed by fire for a young family with 2 children.
The father was badly burned in the flames, trying to rescue the pets and the youngest child. Meanwhile, the Mom is pregnant and unable to work.
We all pulled together - raising money, collecting clothes and used furniture, and got the family back together while their father is recouping in the hospital.
Happy to report that the cat and dog were rescued and that Dad will eventually heal from his burns. The rest of the family is fine and recovering from the shock of the ordeal.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger just Donated $100,000 to anti-hate group.

7.  Scientists figured out how to use plants to produce the polio vaccine, which could lead to cheaper and more wildly available vaccines for a wide range of diseases.

8.  Bruno Mars just donated $1 Million to the Flint water crisis!!

9.  They MAY have a vaccine for diabetes.

10.  Last one. When we moved to Florida Tim Tebow was and probability still a rock star. I don't follow football but remember him because one of the NY Teams drafted or hired him . He's into baseball now and think this is nice.

That's TEN good things this week that you may not of heard of on the news for the week of August 14th 2017

If you have additional good news PLEASE add in the comments :-)


  1. What a nice post Linda. With so many awful happenings these days, we need these to remind us there is still lots of good in this world. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. This is so interesting ..I loved the pics of the knitted things. So unique..I wonder if the Vaccine for Diabetes will help those that already have it. If they have the Vaccine.? Would it be only for those that have good insurance and or Money..I am fighting to just get my insulin . We have a patient Advocate that helps us. The cost of it is out of this world. Thanks for this post Linda..

    1. Dottie- All meds prices are out of control. Your good news is you have a patient advocate!!!