Thursday, June 15, 2017

Only you

It is up to ALL of us. The NPS is something we should value. It's funding and the people who who visit the parks can actually help prevent forest fires. Seriously it all starts with listening to firework laws, not littering with cigarette buds. Making sure your campfire is out before you go to sleep. Its sad that most forest fires ARE caused by humans. 

 The National Park service:

You may of noticed the name on the hat isn't Smokey. Smokey Bear nor any Federal Government insignia are copyrighted.
The Smokey Bear Act of 1952 specifically protects Smokey from ever passing into public domain. He's under the control of the Secretary of Agriculture. The royalties collected from his use go to forest fire prevention education-- over $3M has been collected by keeping him out of the public domain. The U.S.F.S. has a specific guide on when and how to use the Smokey Bear logo.  It will never freely enter the public domain, but it is available for limited use

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  1. So sad that they have lost funding. I hope that people get involved and donate.