Monday, May 29, 2017

Artwork from a soldier during WWII

Image from google images 

I saved this awhile ago from Reddit.  The OP said the first 13 photos were sent to his Grandmother.

The OP did a ton of research and messaging random people on Facebook, he was finally able to find someone related to the mystery soldier and they got OP in contact with his son!
Although the soldier passed away a decade ago his son shared some stories about him and informed OP that he had become a commercial artist for the Air Force in Japan after the war. He continued on with design in Hawaii where he lived out his remaining years.

The artist was a Seaman First Class (Today's E3)
115th Naval Construction Battalion
Probably served in the Western Pacific Theater

Note the shoulder patch on the 3rd drawing you posted and the way he wrote "end" on the first comic. Start by looking for navy patches similar to that (did it say CB in the 3rd post's patch?) and then search those division for john m posted in Guinea during those years.
Looks like he was a "cb" or Seabee. The 47th division was posted in the Papa New Guinea in World War II

I wanted to mention there two nudes in the collection. You may not want to show them to your children.

OP- Original Poster


  1. These are amazing, a real history lesson for all of us. He was so talented.

  2. What Talent he had. Even putting the names to those men..I remember my Dad talking about some of his buddies and I bet he wished he had pictures with their names to them..I had seen one snapshot of my Dad and one of his buddies. He didn't remember his name after so many years.. Alzheimer didn't help any. Thank you Linda for yet another great History Lesson....