Saturday, November 19, 2016

Leftover Thanksgiving Meatballs

I found the recipe on The Kitchenista Diaries. Great way to use up that leftover holiday meal~


2 c. leftover stuffing or dressing
1 c. cooked turkey
1 small sweet potato, baked & mashed
1/2 cup mild shredded cheddar cheese
1 egg

1/2 c. warmed gravy


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

In a large bowl, break up your stuffing into smaller pieces . Finely chop your turkey meat, and add that to the bowl along with the mashed sweet potato.

Beat egg in a small bowl and add to the above mixture.

Add shredded cheese and mix well.

 Incorporate ingredients- squeeze them through your fingers. 
Once you get the size meatball you desire, flatten out the meatball in the palm of your hand. 

Place on a baking sheet which is covered with aluminum foil meatballs and bake for 35-45 minutes.

The meatballs should be browned when they are done.

Remove from baking dish and serve with gravy.

Featured 11/28/16 on What'd You Do This Weekend


  1. What a great way to use up the leftovers. Must be so tasty with all the great flavors combined. Going to keep this one handy, tho I do hope they like my food so much, I won't have any leftovers at all. Yeah right !!!!

  2. Just what I need . With just the two of us there will be leftovers. When my Son Richard was alive , he always took the leftovers.

  3. Now that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!

  4. I hate waste and love recipes that use up leftover. This is right up my ally! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I haven't made meatballs in forever! Adding them o next week's dinner menu. Thanks Linda!

    1. Good way to use up the leftovers Marilyn :-)

  6. Yum! I wish I had some Thanksgiving leftovers! Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Hop!