Sunday, June 19, 2016

Balsamic Berry Gelatin Gummy Snacks- NO SUGAR

I love making recipes that are different. The Primalist shared this recipe and it got my attention right away.

 Planned to make this with just the blueberries but someone gave me a quart of strawberries. I used 2 cups fresh strawberries and 2 cups fresh blueberries. 

It has NO sugar and not sure if this would be kid friendly but I sure liked it!


2 cups washed and hulled strawberries

2 cups washed, stems removed blueberries

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar*

4 tablespoons gelatin **

1 cup  water


1- In a medium size saucepan combine berries and balsamic vinegar over medium heat. Bring to a simmer, and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the berries are soft and have cooked through. Remove from the burner and set aside.

2-  Puree the berries with an immersion stick blender until completely smooth.  Cool slightly before transferring to a food processor if not using an immersion stick blender. 

3- Pour 1 cup water into a bowl with a large surface area. Sprinkle the gelatin over the water, making sure it's incorporated into the water (if there are any dry spots, stir  gently, and if it has soaked up all the water but there’s still dry spots, add a little bit of water). Let sit for 5 minutes.

5- Transfer blueberry mixture to a 11″x 13″ Pyrex pan lined with parchment paper (or equivalent shallow dish). Allow the berry mixture to come to room temperature. Then place in the fridge to set.

6- This took about 2-3 hours to set.

7- Can be cut into fun shapes.

* I really love balsamic vinegar with my fruit but juice or water can be substituted for the balsamic.

** The only gelatin I have used is this ONE. There are different brands and choose the one which is suitable to your diet.

*** I have more blueberries and want to make another batch. I'll use just the blueberries and going to try grape juice or maybe apple.

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  1. No sugar works for me. I will give this a try. If I can find the knox..Happy Father's Day to all your Hubby's and Father's.

    1. Knox is easy to find and many stores carry it Dottie. In my store it's in the jello section.

  2. this looks and sounds really good Linda.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe with us at Cooking and Crafting with J & J. :)

  3. Mmmm...I love that these are good for kids and they sound delicious. Thanks for linking up to the Creative K Kids Tasty Tuesday linky, I can't wait to see what you create next week!

  4. Ooo...what a neat idea! :)

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    1. I sure did! It's on your facebook page

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  7. That looks delicious, I will try it, as you used no sugar. Thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop. pinning and tweeting.

    1. It doesn't need sugar Swathi, it's a good healthy treat.