Sunday, April 24, 2016

Little girl loves garbage man

                          This is what life is suppose to be- Kindness to others


  1. It sure is! What a cutie patootie she is-so nice to see a little girl dressed up in a sweet little dress and TIGHTS! Love those brown boots too...they rock! I bet she just made his day standing outside waving every Thursday. He's got a big heart....and a big smile too. :)

    What a great story.

  2. This is so heartwarming. This little girl knows only kindness and she is adorable. I bet the garbage man takes a lot of not so nice faces from some people who always complain. So nice of him to bring her a gift. Wish there were more "Kindness" in this world.

  3. This is such a sweet story.I hope she only knows this kind of kindness. Such a shame to read some of the nasty comments made in the site the origanal is posted. Why must they use dirty words and try to take the joy of this away from readers?

    1. I agree. Most of the people were positive about the post but too many were totally disrespectful and hateful. Think they need more good in their lives so they aren't so negative.