Thursday, April 7, 2016

Light to other people

                                                         Story here


  1. There are still good people out there....sadly we hear more about the bad than the ones that do heartfelt things like this. God bless that man......

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story, Linda.

    1. URGH...I forgot 2 words in that last should say Thanks so much for sharing this SAD BUT beautiful story-sad because the gentleman lost all of his family but beautiful because he reached out to give something joyful to others....especially that waitress. I hope those 7 families whose meals he paid for appreciated his generosity.

      I need to finish my coffee to get my brain halfway kickstarted before I type...geez.... :)

  2. So heartwarming. The man was in so much pain after losing his family. Lots of people would go into a state of depression and not want to do anything. This man did what would help him. Such a nice story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very inspiring read Linda.We need more of this and less of the negative. May the Lord bless this man with everything that he deserves.