Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Interesting image. It looks like the statue is in danger of disappearing, though, beneath a sea of ivy!
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  2. I have so many photos that I have taken over the years. Wordless Wednesday is a perfect way to share some of them with you.

    This was taken at the

  3. That is so unusual and interesting :-)

  4. Love wordless Wednesday and your photos. You have a great eye for all things beautiful

  5. What an interesting photo. The ivy looks like it is about to swallow the boy, but at the moment this photo was captured it looks like he is bending down to smell the leaves.

    1. This one is my favorite that I took at the Cummer Museum.

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  6. I agree with Rhonda . He looks like he is smelling the Leaves. If the leaves weren't there it would remind me of my neighbors little girl who was going potty in the bushes beside my window. It was so funny when I rapped on my window. She was so embarrassed to get caught. I did let her Mother know what she was doing and she was right close to the door to her house to go inside.. Kids will be kids..

  7. I missed this one. Guess my mind is so fogged up with snow. I had to laugh at Dottie's story......this was my first thought was I saw the picture of this statue. Linda, I do love your pictures. You always capture the best of them.