Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sag Harbor, New York


I grew up in Southampton, which is 20 miles south west from Sag Harbor. Gabe and I moved to Noyac which is 5 miles to the town in Sag Harbor in the early 80's.

People come from all over in the summer to see the east end of Long Island. My photos on this post and in the Shutterfly album show how beautiful the town is.

The home above is my favorite in town. It was once a sea captains house when Sag Harbor whaling industry was at it's peak.


  1. Oh my gosh Linda-I LOVED the mini vacation you brought me on to your Sag Harbor. What a wonderful place. Hey-wanna split the cost of one of those condos? YIKES! Start at 2 mil????? GULP. They sure are purdy...they OUGHTA BE for that price. Can you imagine what they look like inside? We'll never know.

    What a beautiful library....lots of renovations going on there huh?

    LOVE the houses with the Widows Walk/Watch. How many of those I've read about and seen in movies. Some of the houses with the shaker shingle siding look like the houses on Cape Cod-must be a coastal thing.

    A General Store! What fun! How are the prices these days? Not as reasonable as back in the day I bet but what fun to poke around in a place like that. They always have so many cool things.

    What a gorgeous museum-you got some fantastic photos in there.

    Your town is so so pretty-understandable why it attracts so many tourists....that whole area does.......I've seen snippets of The Hamptons when I watch Barefoot Contessa..

    The last photo says it matter where you are for the rest of your days, this will ALWAYS be your home in your one can ever take that away.

  2. I just love that you are posting about your Sag Harbor. It is just so beautiful, and the homes and the buildings are so different......I mean they all have histories and have been around for so long. I would love to live there. Never have I ever lived in a small town. I know it is busy in the summer, but you have the best when every one leaves. I know you will be happy in Fl, but your heart will be back "HOME"

    1. I never lived in a large area or a city, at my age I don't think I could do now. Love the quite

  3. Love the photos Linda. The story behind the photos also. I would love to visit and walk the town and see the history of Sag Harbor..

    1. Would love it if you and Paddi , Myra , Angela,Carol and Cyndy could visit me!

  4. Oh, I would love to look inside that house. If I could, I would visit with you and pick up the girls on the way there. Could you imagine the time we'd have? We wouldn't ever want to leave!