Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dangerous Book!

 This is from CBC News /Montreal .

Reading is something a parent encourage their child to do. I    guess buses  are not safe places to read.

My concern: who is keeping the kids safe from ridiculously over- restricted rules and brain dead adults?


  1. Wow, this world is getting so crazy!!! Sometimes I wonder...

  2. Seriously? We are just becoming way over-protected. I think all public events, etc are just protecting themselves from possible lawsuits! Sad! Soon, we'll just have to never leave the house as everything is too dangerous!

  3. I agree with you Angela. In school they shouldn't use pencils either. You could fall and or trip and poke an eye out ..

  4. Of all the crazy things I have heard, this is certainly one of the top ones. Guess pretty soon it will get to a point, where we will have to have our mouths shut when we are on a bus. I agree with all of you on here.

  5. Oh COME ON...that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Both my grandsons (when Stephen DID take the bus-now he walks to school) as well as all the other kids on the bus are encouraged to bring a book to read. If they're busy reading, kids are less likely to get up and cause problems.

    Honest to God this world is just going plain crazy.....so why not have each kid protected in a plastic bubble so nothing will touch them? Ridiculous......

    1. All the things we did as kids we should be dead!

  6. Maybe the bus driver thought they would all revolt and throw their books at him. FOR BEING A NUT