Sunday, August 9, 2015

Come on, we're just kitten around!

I bet if the ducks were chanting "AFLAC AFLAC". You'd run too!!!

                                      This quacks me up!


  1. HAHAHAHA, oh that's precious. House kitties can be brave but when they are challenged by the unexpected? They lose it. A squirrel was sitting on the feeder dish for the birds last Thursday. Smokey jumped onto the table by the window and meowed loudly. The squirrel saw her and jumped off the table outside and ran up to the window and up on the lounge chair and it scare her. he was making faces and talking and she just stared wide eyed from 5 feet back! I didn't have my phone since it was charging and was laughing so hard that I forgot to get my camera.

  2. LOL, this is cute. I do love those Aflac commercials.....This cat is so cute. All the animals are so brave until they are confronted by as Cyndy says the unexpected. Your cat Smokey sounds like she acts like my Chase, the 87 pound brave doggie in the house, but let anyone do anything outside, he is a big baby. Wish you would have had a picture of your Smokey......they are just so funny.

    1. same here Myra! my girls are hilarious. they were afraid of a tiny hummingbird, all it did was hover over them. Bully got brave when it landed on the feeder above and barked, but it came down and she was at the door whining to get inside!

  3. Too funny-those ducks just wanted to make friends. I love animal videos.....

  4. It that what you call scardy cat. Very cute..