Friday, July 31, 2015

Next stop on the MBTA

                                                                           This is awesome

 For people who don't read the article, the bus driver asked the passengers if it was okay to stop.
"Who wants to stop at the child-run lemonade stand on the side of the street? His treat.
“I said to them, ‘If any of you are in a hurry or need to make a connection, I’ll keep going,’” Lohan told
Nobody did. The passengers all nodded their approval. And so Lohan pulled over in West Roxbury, hopped out, and treated his riders to a cup of lemonade each.
“I thought it would take 90 seconds, tops,” he said. “Which is about what it was. ... I wait at red lights longer than that.”"


  1. What a great way to start the day with a feel-good story like this. Can you imagine how big those kids' eyes got to see an MBTA BUS pull over for some of their lemonade? That bus driver made their day no doubt. And Kudos to the passengers that went along with doing the stop. I'm so glad they were all on board and there wasn't one sour puss in the bunch to ruin it for everyone.

    I love it! :)

  2. This is something the young lemonade stand owner will long remember! It is 't everyday a transit bus stops at one's stand! Great story as always, Linda!

  3. How nice of the driver to treat his passengers. I hope the kids made money that day too.

  4. I love to hear stories like this.

  5. What a great story.....the bus driver must have been an angel.

  6. sweet treat for passengers