Friday, June 19, 2015

My many thanks to Carol and Cyndy

I met Carol & Cyndy on a cooking board. Carol was a daily poster and I was thrilled when she added new recipes. Cyndy  didn't post as often but when I saw her additions they immediately went into a folder I created for Carol and Cyndy's creations.

Their recipes in my humble opinion are awesome and I was honored to have them post on a few theme weeks.

 Carols photographs are taken by her husband. Carol also has taken many outstanding photos but Bob is primarily the   shutterbug.  All photos are taken with a point and shoot.  I never would imagine a simple camera could take such amazing photos. It shows that someone with talent can bring out the very best where it's least expected.

As I mentioned yesterday if any readers would like to see more of the girls recipes please email me and maybe we can set up another "theme" week.

I did ask Carol to come back when her garden is full of zucchini and post some of her original zucchini bread recipes. YOU want to come back for that!

Thank you again Carol and Cyndy. Stats don't lie and your recipes made quite a few people very happy.

Additional recipes from Carol are on Food/Recipes I've made, loved and photographed

Cyndy's recipes Recipes I've made - my photo's


  1. Oh Linda...I thank YOU for inviting me to be a guest poster on your wonderful blog. I love coming here every day to see what you'd found to post. I've learned about SO many things stopping by every morning with my cup of coffee to have a peek at what you've been up to.

    The "theme weeks" have been a blast! There are SO many super recipes out there to make and share...sometimes it's hard to decide WHICH ONE?! I wish we all lived close to each other-we could throw some pretty mean pot luck parties now couldn't we?

    Bob sends a big thank you too....he really does amazing things with that point-and-shoot camera of his....and I'm happy he takes on the task most of the time. He's a lot more patient than I am when it comes to food photography....I'd rather set up the food on the plates and the shot then step back and let him work the magic. In a pinch, I take on the job using the tips and tricks I learned from him.....he's a pretty good teacher....shhhh, don't tell him I said that. :)

    From your lips to God's ears, I HOPE the garden gives us plenty of zucchini this's been a pretty cool start to the growing season that's for sure. I will be over the moon THRILLED to come back when zucchini is BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER and share some of my "wild and wacky" zucchini bread recipes. I've gotta check my list to see what's on tap for this year's flavors....I keep ideas jotted down in a notebook for possible flavor combinations-you never know where OR when inspiration will hit and I don't wanna forget what could be a delicious bread come summer time.

    Thanks so much again Linda for giving me the opportunity to share what I love and baking. I'm SO glad we got reacquainted again on the board....I swear it was fate that caused our paths to cross again. I love you blog......and I love you.

    Hugs! :)

  2. I too Thank Carol and Cyndy...I had a great time reading your recipes, and copying out the ones I want to try and make. Of course, mine would never in a million years come out looking like yours do, but it will be fun to try. I plan on going to your recipes on the links that Linda posted, and checking out all of them. Your pictures, make me drool. They are so life like and I feel like I can reach in a take a bite. I do hope to see you both again as guest posters, you really should get together for a cookbook. I love those ones that people put in their tried and true least you know they have been made and loved. Also, I am so glad to have met you both on this blog. I feel like we have been friends for a long time, and I hope this continues. Big hugs to you both..

    1. Hugs back atcha Myra. Jam being made this weekend..

  3. Big HUGS and thanks Linda for inviting me to share with everyone. I had fun and it's fun to get into the kitchen and see a recipe come to life. I have a terrible penchant for twisting a recipe but, I'm usually very lucky that I can get it the way we like it. I LOVE Bob & Carol's photos and he's amazing with the camera they have. I know that he can't decide which DSLR he wants yet but when he gets it, watch out! The photo's are amazing now, so you know he's going to work magic with a new one. I have many many cookbooks. Carol is smart to use them. I have to get into mine and start reading them....... well, some of them. I gave away so many because I don't have room anymore.... scary huh? We've made some pretty awesome friends here and I Love your blog because we always learn something new and always leave with a smile. You're a great person and I'm very proud to call you my friend. Thanks for everything you do for us.

    Love & Hugs my friend

  4. I always look forward to seeing Carol's & Cyndy's amazing recipes and pictures. They are always winners in their expert hands. I can only dream of having a smidgen of their talent.

    Thanks, Linda, for having Carol & Cyndy sharing their expertise on your amazing blog. So look forward each day to see what great stories/recipes you share with us. Kudos to you for doing such am amazing job.