Monday, June 15, 2015

MM 151 Weeks

A few have wondered about Nell, the Irish Wolfhound lying on the ground in back of Max.

Nell  is two years old and weighs about 208 pounds. Her breakfast is dry food with 1 chicken leg ( just the leg, no thigh).
Lunch she gets an open faced sandwich.  Two slices of 40 calorie bread with turkey breast cooked in a broth. Each slice of bread is cut into four equal pieces and knows there are eight coming her way.

Dinner, dry food and two chicken legs.

She's a sweet dog and loves to play with Max.


  1. They all look so happy with each other. If only people could get along as well as they do. Max is so content at the park. Wow that's a lot of Chicken even if Nell is a big dog. I hope the chicken is boiled with no skin. I give Lucia boiled chicken breast without skin on it every so often .. She dances around my feet when I am shredding it up for her . Then runs to her plate. That is the only people food she gets . If I gave her anything else from us she gets very sick . Her little digestive system just can't take it. Her Sister Tiffany was the same way. Sick for a few days after she ate from our plate.

  2. Gorgeous puppy and a stunning color... I've seen a few of those in person and they're very dramatic, regal looking dogs! - Jerusha,

  3. O Wow....208 pounds.....that is one big dog. She is beautiful. I have never seen one of them. It is wonderful that they get along so well. The first picture looks as if they are in a huddle deciding what to do next. I give Chase shredded chicken breast. I cook them up and shred it, and then sprinkle over his food as you would grated cheese. He loves it. He only gets about a tablespoon. I also buy ground turkey and cook it in water and then rinse and do the same as I would with the chicken. Love the pics from today....I hope you all have a great one.

  4. LOVE that first photo.....looks like the 3 amigos are cooking up an adventure.

    Nell is one beautiful girl and her owners take VERY good care of her by the sound. She and Max look all tuckered out after playing with their friends....time to take 5! :)

  5. Wow that is a big dog. He could really drag you around. No wonder he has 3 big meals

  6. She's a beauty that's for sure. I guess she needs a high protein diet. My cousin does something similar with her St Bernard. They all look very happy, Max has some very nice friends.