Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Earning his stripes!

The Lake family was traveling to Houston from the Tampa airport when Owen age 6, left Hobbes behind at the airport.

Hobbes is one of a kind. Owen's aunt made Hobbes and he is very special to the six year old.

Mrs. Lake contacted the airport and Tony D'Aiuto, the airport operations center manager,  took Hobbes on a adventure all over the building. He took Hobbes on a tour of the airport, photographing the stuffed toy in different locations and made a book of Hobbes adventures to give to Owen. Mr. D'Aiuto did this on his lunch break.

Hobbes was waiting for Owen at the lost and found when they returned to Florida along with a new book to show Owen what Hobbes was up to while he was away from his buddy.

A series of photos of Hobbes at the airport is Here 


  1. What a fabulous thing Mr. D'Aiuto did for Owen. It looks like Hobbes had QUITE THE TIME while he was waiting for Owen to come back through and pick him up. He was one VERY busy tiger that's for sure.

    This makes my heart smile......what a better world we'd live in with more people like Tony D'Aiuto in it.

  2. This has me smiling wide. What a GREAT story. How wonderful this world would be if more people were like Mr. D'Aiuto. Thanks for starting my day off with a huge smile.

  3. That looks like Hobbs from Calvin & Hobbs! What a wonderful thing the manager did. My heart sank when I read that he asked for Hobbs. Mr D'Aiuto earned his angel wings that day.