Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How the world sleeps

No California King Bed for us!

The Guatemalans might be on to something with the dolls!


  1. I'm with the Germans as far as opening a window for fresh air at night in the bedroom.....can't say as I'd go as far as they do in Norway...brrrrr! But I do remember my Mom saying the old country doctor we all went to told her to "take her out in the cold but don't bundle her up to the point she'll sweat" when I was a baby-that the cold air does babies a world of good. Don't know if Mom listened or not!

    No California King here either, Linda. Oh and those Mayan Worry Dolls? If I had those, they'd be bald headed from taking on all the stuff I WORRY ABOUT! :)

  2. Had to laught at the British having lots like to sleep in the nude....Me I agree with Norway.....if you share a bed, have separate blankets...this makes lots of sense. Tho I don't have a sleep partner anymore, I would have loved to have had separate blankets when I did. Ahhhhh, now the worry dolls seem like an ideal solution. I would need lots of them. I will stick with my tried and true queen bed, and my early to be routine. Fun to see how others do their sleep tho.

  3. I too have to have a window open at night. I guess I'm the only one married to a nutty Norwegian who's always cold. I like the window open and he says he's freezing! In Cali? We have separate covers because I always get the short end of the stick and someone steals the covers and looks like a burrito in the morning. One of these days, I'm going to leave him like that and go to work and see if he's not still stuck in there when I get home. hah! Now as far as the bed? if we didn't have a king sized bed? I'd be on the floor. those darned long legs and arms are spider-like and I'd have no space on the bed. he has 3/4 and Smokey & I share a quarter. I start off in the middle and somehow end up on the edge..... hmmm. The cat however has found a way to make him stop spreading himself all over. she sits on his chest & neck or if he's on his side? she sits on his HEAD. he turns over and she comes back and will lay next to me. I love my cat

  4. It would be so nice to have the worry dolls. If they would work..In the nude not at my age. Unless there was know one in the house.