Saturday, March 7, 2015


Is a child therapy dog. He was born with dwarfism and with no eyes.

The owner rescued him from a puppy mill type of situation, he's about 11 now and half the size of a regular Golden.

Dog of the Year


  1. What an inspiration indeed! And what a beautiful dog. I'm so glad he was rescued from that wretched place and not put down because he wasn't "perfect". It makes my heart sing that he's loved and cared for and has had such a wonderful life but my heart also breaks at the tough blow this dog was dealt at birth. The photo above is precious....and sad....but looking at how joyful he is in the others takes the focus away from his "disability". How wonderful that he's "pawing it forward" and helping children.

    Thanks for this uplifting story, find the best things.

  2. I agree with Carol. What an inspiration. Too many people think everyone and everything have to be "PERFECT". No one is that ever. Each and every human and animal have something that is not right, but we love them for them. Thank you Linda for making my day start with hope. I am so glad the "Smiley" is helping children, and he is a real HERO.

  3. He has no imperfections. When you love unconditionally, you're loved back the same way. You can't help but love a dog that has a great disposition, they warm your heart. I love my girls. They are the reason I feel good when I get home.

  4. God bless His heart. I do not see any imperfection with this sweetie at all. What love this beautiful Dog has given. He deserves to be Dog Of The Year. This has me in tears.