Monday, September 29, 2014

MM 114 Weeks

No idea who the kid is. There is a sign outside on the gate that kids aren't allowed to run around in the dog park. They might get hurt and  the park is for dogs and not a playground.

This kid saw Max and zoomed right to  him. We knew Max would be ok. He's great with the kids at the house so why wouldn't he be the same in the park. We know our dog and he's super gentle.

Max allowed the kid to pet him and sort of hung around him for awhile. He really wanted a belly rub but didn't get it. He also protected the kid from other dogs. 

His mother was amazed how much fun her son had with Max. Thinking I should get Max into a class to get a  therapy dog certificate when we get to Florida.

This is Jill and her Golden who is a therapy dog. She brings him to the nursing home everyday and the patients love him.


  1. Great idea !!! Max would be so good as a therapy dog. He is friendly and loves people. I can see him charming all the nursing home residents or kids in a hospital. Check it out. Give Max a belly rub from me. He deserves hundreds

  2. I bet Max would be a hit at a nursing home......all the residents would want to keep him there!

    Isn't it amazing the instinct they have? Max knew that boy needed a little "protection" since he was a little person as opposed to an adult I guess. Why people ignore signs and rules is beyond me though. You have to wonder if that boy had fallen and hurt himself or one of the dogs had turned on him if the dog park would be facing a law suit?

    You know how some people are...........takes only one to ruin it for everyone............sad but true.

    Glad Max is having such a good time at the park with his "friends"...he'll miss them and they him when you leave.

  3. You are so right Carol. Lots of people let their kids roam around in the dog parks. You better believe those people would be the first ones to cause trouble if anything happened. Dogs do have a special instinct. Chase gets so upset if he sees a dog running loose. We have to go after it and find the owner. Also yesterday, my grandkids were here. I was missing my grandson, knew he had to be somewhere either in the yard or house. Chase ran around until we found him in the bathroom, he had to funny. Dogs are so wonderful.

  4. Max would be a God send as a therapy dog Linda. He is so loving and he would zoom in on someone in need. Give Max a hug for me.

  5. Labs are amazing gentle dogs. so lovable and sweet. it seems to be their basic instinct to protect as well as retrieve. I love my girls and really wish they could meet Max.

  6. As always I've enjoyed seeing Max today. Could have used his calming effect yesterday! It was a crazy day and petting Max would have been nice. Give him a tummy rub for me, Linda. Thanks