Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness- Part One

I love my little wii fit. It has helped me with balance and when others spend time playing games on facebook  I'm doing yoga, strength training, aerobics, balance games and training plus.

When we were in Florida my weight hit an all time high. I avoided the scale but when I was weighed at the doctors office I was in shock. I weighed more than when I was pregnant with Gregory! The doctor down there didn't care if I was fat and never mentioned it but I knew I had to take off some weight.

A good 8 pounds came off in Florida but I was still up there. I really didn't work on it much more after the 8 pound loss. Made up every excuse in the book, from I'm old, why shouldn't I eat the stuff that I love and the good one was if I take off to much weight my face will look old. Hey, I AM old so that was sort of dumb.

I was so out of shape that walking make me out of breath. My little wii is in the basement so I can do whatever I want on it and sit when I'm tired. It keeps track of the days when you work out and lets you know when you skip. I had the Biggest Loser disc but I must of left that at Gregory's place. That one is hard. I kept getting voted off- LOL!

The person in the green is Gregory, Gabe is blue, I'm purple, next to me is Rip, and Dawn is yellow. Gabe has taken off weight but he hasn't gotten on the wii in years.

When you complete a game the wii characters celebrate. The wii in red is Rita, the one right in back of me is Mary.  

So I have lost some weight and hope to take off more. The wii is going to Florida with us and I have been making healthy meals. I have to admit Gabe isn't eating most of the good stuff I make but  he's so active diving that he stays in great shape.

Enjoy the healthy recipes with me. I started to add them for Dottie and I know Myra is into healthy food, even though she doesn't like zucchini. Carol is a great source for recipes that I know I will like and when Cyndy has time to cook her recipes are right up there with Carols.  I hope Marlene and Diane see something they might make and just a FYI- I still love to bake so the sweet stuff will still be posted.

If anyone has any question about the wii- just let know and I'll try to help you. It's fun and Dawn can tell you- I'm pretty awesome on a wii skateboard!


  1. You GO girl !!! Very proud of you. We all need some motivation at times. I know I do....but it is so easy to slip back into your "BAD" ways. I don't have a WII, but I can see it is a great thing to have. I can feel that I lost a few pounds by stopping the foods that I should not be eating. I guess Ice Cream is good once in awhile, but not 3 times a day. Also, my big downfall is chocolate. Gosh it is so GOOD, and if there was chocolate toothpaste, I would use it. It is easy to eat foods that are not really the right kind when you are in a funky mood. I have lots of them these days. Thank you Linda for posting the healthy food. I will try some of them, and hope they will motivate me into eating better.

    Loved this post today Linda, you surely do have the most different things on here everyday, and it is fun to see what it is.

    Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Labor Day.

    1. Girlfriend- you KNOW my weakness is ice cream and now the pumpkin flavor is out and then egg nog! WHY does all the good stuff have so many calories????Not fair!

  2. LOL. I see that says Fitness Part ....I should be looking for Part 2, huh? You are going to make me a healthy woman, yet!! I don't know if you caught it or not...I tried the cauliflower and it was very good. See....I'm learning. I have a WII but not the "get fit" one. Does that come separately?? Thanks, Doc!!!! Love this blog!!

    1. There sure will be! Part two will be once I get back to Florida and hopefully I won't mess up. It's gonna be hard- Gabe loves going out to eat so I can see some extra workouts ............

  3. What a great idea Linda.......Robin has a wii and loves it. I don't know if she has Go Fit-I know she was doing some kind of exercise thing on it.

    We don't have one...........and trust me I know how hard it is to lose weight as we get older. Actually I think it's harder to wrap my brain around because I never had a "problem" with weight when I was younger-I could eat anything and never had to worry. 30s came.............then my 40s and now my 50s........and yeah I'm holding onto this decade for as long as I can! I noticed weight I put on was SO much harder to get off with each passing decade. And that STINKS. Especially for people like you and me that LOVE to cook and bake Linda.

    We try and eat healthy pretty much all the time-but I do still make the foods we love that aren't so healthy. We work hard at keeping the portions down with those. It's when I start cutting out all kinds of stuff that I get myself in trouble and crave the "forbidden" foods even more.

    When I bake, I plan on bringing some to the grandkids or freeze things. I still make the zucchini breads/muffins and share them whenever I can to get them the heck out of here. The garden helped out as gar as vegetable consumption this summer-I'd rather eat vegetables than meat when they're fresh picked out of the garden.

    I know for me.......I have to be "ready" to tackle weight loss. Bob did a "biggest loser" challenge at work last year (Linda-you remember that circus!).....I lost weight with him-not anywhere near as much of course (since men lose weight SO much easier and faster than women----NOT fair) but lose I did....and I didn't feel deprived because I cooked what I always cook but we were REAL careful with portions.....and I tried to up my activity. That's a lot easier this time of year........the winter dang near kills me being stuck inside. Well- shoveling IS good exercise now isn't it?

    LOVE this post Linda-you're doing a great job with your weight loss. I'll be sure to share some healthy recipes with you when I find some new ones. :)

    1. Carol- you look good and I don't know how you can keep your weight down with all the goodies you bake. The zucchini breads are so darn good and I can never eat just a bite.

      You will keep me on the right path- you make so many healthy recipes that I know I will be tasting them along with you!

  4. I was doing so well with losing weight and bringing my sugar down. Then I started getting dizzy spells due to my ears. It has gotten worse that I can't even go around my block.I used to walk an hour a day and miss it so much. I miss my friends I made on my route. One of the ladies thought I had passed away. I am not doing a pity party here, just saying how the not getting to do what I loved doing can have an effect on ones health. Linda I am so happy for your weight loss. I am also grateful for the healthy recipes you post for me.please know I feel blessed with your friendship.

    1. Dottie- I haven't lost a lot but it's a start and I struggle everyday. Do you have someone you can walk with? If you had someone you could hold on them when you feel dizzy. Maybe you can ask one of the neighbors?

      Don't give up, you can do it. <3

  5. Great post, Linda! I surely could lose weight too. My lack of mobility makes it tougher but it shouldn't be impossible. Hopefully I can get motivated reading more about your Wii experience.

    Good for you losing those pounds and I wish you well getting a few more off. As Carol said it's not fair that men can lose so easily. I know Ray certainly likes that's a cop out on my part when he can drop lbs. like no one's business.

    Lets all get motivated and lose a few pounds before the holiday season is upon us.