Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My new toy

I worked at the local library years ago and I was asked to do food programs once in awhile. I usually was given a William- Sonoma gift card and I still have a few left with credit on them.

We don't have a Williams- Sonoma near us in Florida, maybe that's a good thing. Love that store! They are pricey but I usually wait for a sale. I have gotten some beautiful things after the summer season. They always did a huge sale in March and when we spent winters home that's when I would pick up the things I had my eye one.

I haven't been feeling well lately and most ladies I know would buy a new pair of shoes or clothing. Maybe they would get a manicure or a pedicure and a facial. What do I go? Williams- Sonoma!

There is a recipe I want to make. Carol added a fantastic yogurt bar recipe to Pinterest and my friend Angela also made it. Carol made strawberry and Angela made blueberry bars. My plan was to make Key Lime. The only problem, I didn't have Key Lime extract!

Looked it up on Amazon and it was expensive, so that was a no go. I thought Williams- Sonoma has stuff like that, check it out and see what they have. Dangerous place for me, if I go in I always come out with something.

They don't carry the Lime extract so naturally I had to look around. I saw a Popsicle maker. Pinterest has a tons of good recipes for Popsicles so I bought it. 

Once I paid for it I noticed a little machine that makes zucchini pasta. Those who know me I do not like regular pasta. I'll eat it, but only a few bites and I'm done. My poor Gabe, loves the stuff and only eats it when we go out. No wonder he loves Olive Garden!

Put my little popsicle bag in the truck and went into to pick up a few things in the grocery store. While shopping I thought - am I going to use the popsicle maker? Gregory is going to buy me a machine I can make soft ice cream with fruit. Then there's the problem that the house in Florida is half the size of this one. Where am I going to put all this stuff?

I took the popsicle maker back and exchanged it for this

I've had my eye on it for awhile and I know it's not for everyone but it's a new "toy" and I needed to use up the credit on the card.

Does anyone have one? If you do, does it work well? I can bring it back in 60 days ( I think).

I'll give you an honest review on how well it works. It got good  great reviews on amazon.


  1. You go girl !!!!!! Loved your story about shopping in Williams Sonoma. You must have felt like a kid in a Candy store. I think you made a great choice getting that machine. You are deserving of something for JUST you. Think of the days when Gabe is away, and you are in the mood for something you love. And you get lots and lots of zucchini and you can feast feast feast.

    You can buy some cheap popsicle maker in a dollar store. I make lots of goofy things in there. I love frozen coffee, and I make coffee pops. Very refreshing on a hot day.

    Enjoy your new toy, and I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor on here.

    Have a super day everyone.

  2. Oh Linda-you and I are SO on the same wave length........who needs clothes, shoes, a manicure or pedicure when you can hit a place like WILLIAMS SONOMA? That would be my choice HANDS down. That or a new grocery store-yeah I'm weird like that.

    I've had my eye on a Veggetti thingy I've seen on TV but I like the looks of your gadget a WHOLE lot better. We're pasta lovers but in the summer I'd rather go lighter with a vegetable "pasta"......and I HOPE we have a lot of zucchini from the garden.

    I checked this out on Amazon and the reviews are real good.........I just may invest in one-the price was pretty good.

    Make room in the truck Gabe-this baby's goin' to Florida even if Linda has to hold it in her lap all the way down! :)

  3. My oldest daughter eats "raw" (yeah I know....if she didn't look so much like her daddy, I'd swear she got mixed up at the hospital).But that machine was what she wanted for her birthday and I got her one - bottom line she loves it!!!

    1. Terry- mine does not do carrots! Does your daughter have a problem with her's? Maybe she can give me a hint on what I am doing wrong.

      I know the feeling! My son is the same :-)

  4. Linda, that looks like a dandy little machine. I've never tried veggie pasta but I don't see any reason why I wouldn't enjoy it. Actually, I should try it using the Y peeler to make long shreds.