Monday, June 30, 2014

MM 101 Weeks

                       I swear I wasn't cheating- she came over on her own!

Come on pop! Can't you see I'm starving!


  1. Ohhhhh boy-that "Who's been here?" WELL I remember that. The dog in the photo is Jazzy, right?

    And look at him patiently waiting for his cookie. One of our last dogs, Kayla, figured out how to open the cabinet door and get the dog biscuit box out herself............suffice it to say it got relocated.

    Those little buggers are smarter than humans sometimes...........

    Have I told you lately how much I LOVE Might Max Mondays? :)

  2. I am having lots of problems lately when I try to publish my post. I push publish and it doesn't bring me to the screen where I have to type the numbers. I lose my post and have to post again..

    Sooooooo, here goes. Max looks like he is really saying I am sorry to Jazzy. So cute. Dogs amaze me by How they can sniff who was there and when. Love the picture.

    I think Gabe better hurry and give him his treat. How funny how patiently he is waiting. I keep Chase's treats on top of the fridge, and he comes and sits in the kitchen and looks up at the top. I agree Carol, dogs are so much smarter that humans sometimes, and may be much smarter than some humans I have known.

    Max Mondays rule. Love coming to see what Max is up to now.

  3. I have had my fur babies do the sniff test when I've come home from being around a family members pet. Myra I've had the same trouble when trying to post. Max is so patient with Gabe.

  4. Wait, now Jazzy isn't making nasty faces at Max? I'm glad they get along now, he's such a sweet boy. Myra, we have to put the treats in a container that closes tight. we used to put them on top of the refrigerator until we found the cat up there one day. Yep, sweet little kitty was pushing the box to the floor to give her dogs a treat. I saw the dogs sitting and staring at the top of the fridge and thought "Please don't let there be a rodent or something awful up there" I walked in and saw the box tipping over and then I saw my "little rodent" up there. No wonder they love that cat, she gives them treats.