Monday, April 21, 2014

MM 92 Weeks

Wednesday April 16th Max finally did something that I thought would never, ever happen- he came next to me and actually put his head on my chest.

We haven't had a tight bond, I just wouldn't let him in. 

I guess this old dog can learn to love again 


  1. I must be doing something wrong, I know I posted here....ugh, it is Monday, must have forgotten to hit Publish again. Good thing I came back.

    Linda, I am so happy to see this picture of Max with his head on your chest. He knows you are ready to move on and accept him, and he is happy to show his love. The dogs sense when people are not really "into" them and now you have let Max know you are going to be his buddy too. This is a great picture.....I love it.

  2. "Come on Mom get up and take care of me!!!! Stop being lazy Mom! " LOL

  3. That photo says it all. I agree with Myra-he knew you were ready and let you know that he's been ready and waiting...and happy to help you out typing. :)

    I know you'll treasure this's a special one for sure.

  4. It is a sweet picture. I understand completely but they do wear you down and worm their way into your heart when you least expect it. I am very close to Ally and at first I thought I never would be. She was a real Sh*t of a puppy and I thought she liked the neighbors more than us...but she grew into a very loving dog. I am glad you have each other now. My neighbor up the road has a yellow lab a bit older than Max. He makes me think of your guy every time I see him. His name is Gunner and I call him Gunnybunny.

  5. This Picture has me in tears . It is such a sweet one and as they say . A picture says a thousand words. This one sure does. I am sure Rip is smiling down on you both Linda. I know MM has wormed his way in all of our hearts.

  6. Your love for Max has always been there of course. Max is putting his head on you as to say, "It's okay mom. I'm here for you and I love you, too." This little pup sure does love you. <3