Thursday, April 10, 2014


                                                    Lives in Bruges, Belgium.

Tour boats drive by about every 45 seconds with heaps of tourists who all stand up and shout "Fidel" while they try and take pictures.

Here's a link that has a few more photos of Fidel and a nice  article.


  1. LOL, when I first saw this title, I had a very different Fidel in mind.......What a beautiful Lab. He must be so content to sit and lay there all day long. Makes me want to take a trip there just to see him. Thanks Linda, I never would have seen this if you hadn't found it for us.

  2. Awww how sweet. Wouldn't it be nice if MM met this beautiful Fidel..I was thinking how happy MM will be to get home to see his long lost friend . I hope with the new dog in town when you all left . That MM won't be forgotten when you get home.

  3. A cool story about a very cute lab. I want to go there someday. Europe is on my bucket list.

  4. He's so pretty! Well someone has to keep an eye out and watch the going on in the canal-might as well be Fidel. I wonder how old he is? He sure doesn't look too excited about all that publicity...looks like it's kinda worn him out!

    Bob has been to Belgium and loved it-I think he'd be happy to go back again. He sure brought me back some yummy chocolate.

  5. Ohhh little Fidel! He could be Max's long lost European relative. :)