Monday, March 10, 2014

MM 86 Weeks

I have the old fashion flip phone. I asked Gabe if we could do a "selfie" of us and Max with his phone( not a flip).  What a hoot! He took quite a few and I laughed so hard at some of them my sides hurt. Those pictures are deleted and never to be seen again.

When Gregory gets home maybe we can do another one with his phone or if Brandi is over she can take one of us.

In the meantime-

                                                                  Dog on a mission


  1. Awwwww, love the selfie....It is perfect. Max is smiling, he is one happy dog. I LOVE the one of Gabe and Max, Gabe is smiling wide as the sea.

  2. That's a great "selfie", Linda! One of those would be out here because Bob has a flip phone that he only uses for emergencies and I don't have a cell any kind of camera comes out and we run the other way (unless we're taking photos of food that is). We hate, hate, HATE having photos taken.

    Yup-Max is on a mission in that second photo alright-he's a puppy with a plan. :)

  3. I tried to take a selfie and it was awful. I deleted it. I can't do them right . This one of you all is great. I don't like my picture taken either Carol. Max and Gabe look good walking there Linda. The selfie is great and your all not making those awful faces the young ones think they have to make. My Granddaughter looks so stuck on herself in her selfies. Not the sweet young girl she once was for sure. Makes me upset but Grandma doesn't say anything to her. There are some that I liked and saved from her profile ..

  4. You guys look Great! Max looks annoyed. Selfie, we tried and were laughing so hard only half of us came out in the pic.

  5. Great picture of all of you! Max looks like he loves to take walks. Wish he could come and roam with my two. They'd have a blast.