Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mandi's Chapel

One of the things I love to photograph is the inside of a church. Doesn't matter to me what denomination it is, if it's open I want to take pictures.

I usually ask permission if someone is around and never use a flash and go with natural light.

This little chapel is on a lake. It was built by the parents of Mandi Petway who was 23 years old when she died.

It is a beautiful little chapel and I wanted to share my PHOTOS  


  1. What a beautiful chapel. I can see why people would want to get married there-although getting there would be an adventure-doesn't look like very good walking. But what a place.

    You sure do find some wonderful hidden treasures on your excursions, Linda. I love taking a peek at them all. :)

  2. How beautful !! The inside of the church is just amazing. All that wood and it must have taken lots of planning. I agree it looks hard to walk around, but they do have a cement walkway leading inside. Lovely wedding chapel. What a nice way to honor their daughter.

  3. I have seen the different ways that people honor their loved ones. But I believe this is the most Beautiful yet. It is a wonderful tribute to their Daughter.

  4. That is a beautiful church and what a great way to honor their loved one. Very Special thanks for sharing this Linda.