Monday, January 27, 2014

MM 80 Weeks

 We never waited this long to have a dog neutered but Max had a problem when he was about 3 months with his bones. We waited because we wanted to make sure his bones were good and strong and the vet at home suggested to have the surgery when he was between and year and a half and two years old.

They say it's also healthier for him and we love him and want him around us for many, many years.

Max needed a lot of loving when he came home.


  1. Awwwwwwww-poor Max.......he sure did have a time of it didn't he? Sending him lots of puppy hugs and hoping he's back to his energy filled self soon. I can't wait to see his smile again.

    Feel better Max!

  2. Poor Max. He looks so sad. I hope he recovers fast and will be back to his puppy pranks real soon. Give him a hug from me. Poor baby.

    1. I am thinking Max knows what you did. He looks so sad and sleepy too. Big Kisses to you Max. And yes Linda My Vet said the same thing when I had Tiffany and Lucia done. We almost lost Lucia from her uterus being full of infection. It was an overnight emergency with her. If I hadn't gotten her right back to the Hospital that night she wouldn't be with me today. I forget what they called it but it is very deadly in female dogs if they get this. I was so scared that day. But she is still my litte Terror on 4 paws and I love it. She is like the energizer Bunny. Max will be that way too. Once he is on the mend. Hugs

  3. Aww, Max is such a sweetie... he'll be back to his playful puppy self very soon. Please give him a big hug and a kiss. xoxo ~Dawn