Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eastleigh's got talent


  1. Now that made me smile. Methinks "Knock Down" is her favorite music video and she's watched it quite a few times.

    Confession-I've been known to do a little singing and rhythm to the beat while I'm looking at stuff at the grocery store and I hear a familiar song.

    Bob rolls his eyes when I DO catch him looking and sorta walks away.............what IS wrong with that man? HAHAHAHAHA....what can I say? Some songs just make ya wanna sing and dance. :)

  2. Just getting on this now......Carol, I had to laugh at your comment about your Bob. They just don't appreciate what their wives can do. My husband used to hold his ears, and tell me to hush up.

    This video is a cutie. It said to be continued, what is she going to do next??

    1. HAHAHAHA Myra-Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Bob is somethin' else. When we used to go to church, he'd stand during the hymns. hold the hymnal open to the page and not make a sound. I'd say "WHY are you doing that? SING!" he said he "sings in his heart."

      Well phooey on him-I made a "joyful (or maybe not) noise unto the Lord"---who knows-maybe HE blocked His ears too! :)

  3. Well now what Is next . I can't wait to find out.

  4. Girl got moves! Loved this. Thanks for sharing this Linda, it made me smile

    Myra, I have to cover my ears when my hubby howls, er sings. He can't carry a tune and has no rhythm ~~snicker~~