Monday, December 23, 2013

MM 74 Weeks

Checking the table to make sure there isn't any food that might come my way.


  1. Poor Max, did anyone tell him there was no food on that table then. It looked like he was watching Gabe so intently to learn what he was doing. Looks like he loves that ball, matches his collar. I would play with you Max, but I am stuck up here in the North. Big Belly rubs to you.

  2. Oh that Max.....always ready to help clear the table if needed. :)

    Well now-that ball is very well loved. Looks like he's gonna need a new one pretty soon-he about done worn that one out. They do love to play ball that's for sure. Ours loved to chase them-it was the bringing it back that they got a tad confused about.

  3. Hey Dad do you need any help Dad? What ya doing Dad ? .I can just hear Max thinking this as he is watching Gabe.. That ball looks so tiny with Max holding on to it. Shows how big Max has gotten. I have a feeling even with a new Ball , Max will favor that one. I know Lucia got a new play toy just like her old one and she still digs out the old one. I threw them both at the same time one day and she picked up the old one and left the new one laying there. I was thinking of washing them both and see if she choses the old one .