Friday, October 11, 2013

Household Medications For Pets


  1. Thanks for putting this on......I give him Pepcid for stomach woes......also canned pumpkin is the best !!!!!!! It works wonders.

    1. We had plenty of Imodium around when Rip was alive. The stuff he would find and then eat! Imodium always worked.

  2. Boy this is helpful..........we don't have dogs any more but Robin does, so I'm gonna send this link to her. I remember giving one of our dogs Pepto Bismol for something she ate...........took Robin and I to get it in her and she held it in her mouth and shook......we were COVERED in pink polka dots.......what a mess.

    Thanks Linda!

  3. I notice that if Chase has lots of gas, you know the smelly kind, the Pepcid really helps. He used to F--- so much, but lately since I haven't been giving him the fatty treats, he isn't doing it as much. I tried giving him Pepto once and boy was that a trial......I use the pill pockets and shove it in, the tablet polka dots, Ugh Carol. I also used Imodium in the tablet much easier.