Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Things......


  1. Boy that's so true-even for the simplest of things. And what you take for granted you never realize impacts your life so much until you don't have's real eye opener.

  2. Gm Carol, Very true words. We all need to step back once in a while and count our Blessing.

    Sometimes a Blessing is just seeing The Sun or Hearing the Birds sing. It comes in many forms.

    Have a great day. Its chilly here. 45 degrees the coolest yet. Hello Fall.


  3. How so very very true. Good morning to you all. I know how this saying is so very true in my life. There are lots of things others take for granted, that I wish I could have for one tiny moment.

    Chilly here also, but shaping up to be a beauty of a day. This is what I like.

  4. Good Morning. Ditto to all the above. It also applies to being taken for granted. : * (

  5. When you think you have it bad, look around, someone will always have it worse. We just need a reminder now & then. We should be thankful we have so much, when some have none.

    Thanks Linda